Scott Calls Minister Out On Environmentally Damaging Wind Turbines In Oak Ridges Moraine

May 12, 2016


QUEEN’S PARK – Today, MPP Laurie Scott criticized the Minister of the Environment and Climate Change for allowing a wind project near Bethany to disrupt the sensitive moraine.

After the Snowy Ridge energy project went through a lengthy process with the Environmental Review Tribunal, the project’s footprint has now expanded over what was already approved by the tribunal and the Ministry. Scott pointed out that the project’s expansion did not receive any public review or input.

“The modification report is 165 pages and the late expansion raises questions as to whether the company was working in good faith with the Ministry and the tribunal,” said Scott. “Does the Minister believe it is appropriate for the government to approve a project that puts out inaccurate and incomplete information?”

Scott added that a stay was denied by the Minister himself, while he is allowing the project to proceed with construction.

The expansion of the project includes work in the environmentally-sensitive Oak Ridges Moraine. As well, the proposed route of the collector line will go through compensation habitat for species at risk, and cause potentially irreversible damage on surrounding wildlife.

The current government has disregarded the hydro-geologically sensitive area to welcome industrial turbines.

“Why is the Minister allowing industrial wind projects in protected areas like the Oak Ridges Moraine?” asked Scott.

For more information: Jason Wang |<> | 416-325-2771 | 416-432-7985

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