Sumac Ridge Spring 2016: Update

As many people are aware, tree-cutting for the Sumac Ridge access road began last Sunday on Wild Turkey Road.

This was allowed because the City was required to sign a development agreement recently with the developer.

The timing is unfortunate because the court case between the City and the developer goes to the Court of Appeal of Ontario next Monday, May 2. (We understand at Osgoode Hall in Toronto at 10:00 a.m.) The City had no choice but, if the result of the appeal is that the developer cannot open up Wild Turkey Road, then many of the trees are gone for no reason.

We are monitoring the situation on Wild Turkey Road and are very grateful to local residents who are keeping an eye on what is going on. It would be helpful if you keep MWC informed on what you see if you travel along Wild Turkey Road, especially the start of any new or different work or starting to break ground along the road or elsewhere in the project. Please send photos of Wild Turkey Rd activities and any details to MWC and you should copy our councillor, Heather Stauble, at her council email,

We found on a visit last Sunday that tree-cutting began without wpd (Canada) Ltd. being in full compliance with protective measures they announced would be in place.
No biologist had visited the site to look for migratory birds’ nests.
The work crew were not provided with information on birds and nests.
A rare species butternut tree was not sufficiently protected.

Peterborough MOECC sent an official to the site yesterday, Thursday, after a formal complaint to the Ontario government was copied to that office.
He found that wpd had sent a biologist to the site belatedly on Wednesday this week.
There is ongoing communication between MOECC and MNR about whether the protection for a species at risk tree is sufficient.

We will keep watching wpd’s activities and will appreciate your help with monitoring the project.

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