Settler’s Landing (Pontypool) Update

A message from Stu Williams and Dave Bridges of Pontypool:

Settlers Landing ERT Remediation Hearing April 25, 11:00 a.m. Pontypool Community Hall !!!!!!!!!

Please note the above date and time. If you are able to do so, PLEASE make an effort to attend and support our legal appeal team !! THIS IS OUR LAST PERFORMANCE PRIOR TO THE FINAL CURTAIN.

Just a quick review here.

1) We won the initial ERT appeal of last fall.

2) “New rule changes”—the wind company gets an opportunity to
propose changes to the site plan which woul “compensate” for, or eliminate the “Serious or Irreversible Damage to the Environment”.

3) We have seen their proposed changes and have responded to them.

4) The ERT Tribunal will hear our response and discussion regarding these
Changes on April 25th—— there may be an additional day added to
the hearings during the week.

5) This is it!!!!!! The Tribunal will make the decision to accept the
wind company’s proposed changes or stand firm with their decision which was in our favor!

Again— thank you to all of you who found that you were able to contribute to our legal effort. Following the e-mail of several weeks ago, some of you came forward with a second very generous contribution—-THANK YOU!

Our legal fund is not in good shape and the legal representation is still on the clock. If you know of people in the community who have expressed a desire to contribute then please ask them to make a cheque out to “ SLWP Opposition Corp”

Cheques may be mailed or dropped off to ——Stu Williams
392 Telecom Road
Pontypool, ON

Thank You
Stu Williams and Dave Bridges

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