Regarding wpd’s April 2016 Email…

Ron Awde’s Response to the email from Kevin Surette, Manager of Communications at wpd Canada Corp.

Subject: Sumac Ridge Community Liason Meeting

Hello Kevin,

Further to your notice of the creation of a Community Liason Committee….

Please remain assured that as I watch the destruction and industrialization of the lands around our farm with the Snowy Ridge project that I have no intention of aiding or abetting WPD in the ‘uglification’ of the Sumac Ridge area…. including the proposed totally unnecessary ravaging of Wild Turkey Road.

I have just seen the pictures of what you have just done at White Pines and can hardly swallow the bile that rose in my mouth.

I do not wish you and your Community Liason Committee well.

I do not wish you success.

I can only hope that you and WPD fail in this project and in every other project you are foisting onto unwilling communities like ours.

I am still praying that WPD is not successful in forcing our City into having to open Wild Turkey Road…and that given the issues with the location for Turbine 5, that there will still be some chance that your project will be required to be modified.

You have helped rip our community into pieces and will leave nothing behind but more industrial garbage that degrades our rural and natural heritage areas.

I remain,

Ron Awde


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