Snowy Ridge Appeal For Ministerial Review

A message from Ron Awde who is working tirelessly for our community ……

Dear Friends,

Last week, as a result of the assistance from our MPP Laurie Scott and her staff, we were able to get the Minister of Environment and Climate Change to acknowledge receipt of the Appeal for Ministerial Review for Snowy Ridge and the specific request for stay of construction until all the matters of that Appeal have been considered.

Our request for a stay centres around the need to prevent serious damage to the environment in the event that portions of the project are relocated or removed as a result of our Appeal.

The Minister’s counsel responded with a list of questions for us, including the request for guidance on the jurisdiction for the Minister to issue a stay, as well as whether we had requested a stay from the ERT… and if not…. what were our reasons for not doing so.

On February 11th we sent the Minister of Environment and Climate Change our response to these questions.

Although Capstone is advising various parties that the Minister has no jurisdiction to issue a stay, our legal team has cited specific sections from the Green Energy Act in our reply, clearly indicating that the Minister does indeed have the authority to issue a stay and we provided clear and concise reasons why one should be imposed.

We noted for the Minister that seeking a stay through the ERT would not have been useful, since the panel would have to effectively rule against their own decision of December 22, 2016 and could not help being prejudiced … particularly given their order to strike all testimony and witnesses relating to noise prior to our Tribunal hearing.

With your continued support, we are now apparently breaking new ground in the appeal process under the Green Energy Act and have also been able to place our issues of construction on the Oak Ridges Moraine and in sensitive watershed areas… well as the issue of denial of a fair hearing on noise by the Environmental Review Tribunal… directly in front of the Minister himself. Our appeal for Snowy Ridge, no matter what the outcome, may now help Appellants for the Sumac Ridge and Settler’s Landing projects and hopefully be useful to other Appellants across the province as well.

Capstone and their counsel have until this Wednesday to respond to our submission and we expect that they will pull out all the stops to prevent the Minister from issuing a Stay, because of the broader implications for other projects under appeal.

I am also fully aware that the lawsuits launched against the provincial and federal governments this week…which are a demonstration of how ugly the wind industry can be when every project isn’t improved by government….along with the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change approving turbines within 2 kilometres of an operating airport near Collingwood….and Capstone being given an adjournment until mid-April to redesign and essentially have a do-over of their Environmental Review Tribunal for Settler’s Landing…are stark reminders that the entire game is still tilted entirely in favour of the wind energy developers scrabbling after the ruinous subsidies they have been handed under this disastrous roll-out of ‘green’ energy in Ontario.

Now that our Appeal for Ministerial Review and request for Stay are filed, I have the obligation to keep working to raise funds to retire our financial obligations… and as I noted last week, it appears that raising the last $6000 is definitely going to be a real challenge. While I am looking at possible events like a super yard sale at our farm or something else in the Spring to raise some money, I have to confess that without a lot of help from everyone else in the community, it just isn’t possible to organize and run special fund-raising events on my own. So I am continuing to make an appeal for direct contributions from the community as the most effective way to pay the legal bills.

For those who have made contributions over the last week, thank you again!….you have helped us mount the best case we possibly could against this project and to take it as far as we could….right into the Minister’s own office.

For those who have made pledges over the last few months to add to your previous contributions, or to make a first time contribution, thank you again as well.
If possible, receiving your cheques by the end of February would help us to make our next instalment payment to Eric Gillespie’s firm. They have been very patient and supportive, but deserve payment for all of their incredibly hard work on our behalf.

As always, you can send your cheques made payable to:

SR Opposition Corp.
c/o PO Box 142
Bethany, Ontario
L0A 1A0

I will update everyone next week on the responses from Capstone and the Minister.

In the meantime, keep watching what is happening across Ontario as the wind energy scandals heat up again as the 500 million dollar lawsuit over the politically motivated cancellation of the offshore turbines, the 50 million dollar lawsuit over the cancellation of the Nor’wester ridge project in the Liberal Minister of Natural Resources own riding and the community’s reaction to siting turbines in proximity to the Collingwood airport are in the news. Some of the stories:

Ontario Gas Scandal Doppelgänger | Tom Adams Energy – ideas for a smarter grid

Ontario Gas Scandal Doppelgänger | Tom Adams Energy – ideas for a smarter grid
On Monday, a NAFTA arbitration panel will start oral hearings in Toronto arising from a dispute between the Delaware-incorporated renewable power developer, Windstream Energy, and the Government of Canada (notice how awkward it is for the public to attend).
View on
Preview by Yahoo$50_million_lawsuit_against_province_over_failed_wind_farm_plans

And if you want to contact me, you can email me at or give me a call at 705-277-9490!

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