Snowy Ridge Update and Financial Appeal

Ron Awde

Ron Awde with COKL Councillor Heather Stauble at the Snowy Ridge ERT

Dear Friends and Neighbours!

Since our update and appeal went out in late December to help us raise $20,000 to cover the costs for our legal fees and expenses, I am pleased to report that we have now received commitments and contributions for $12,250 toward that goal!!

But we still need every dollar that we can raise.

We advised the ERT and the Approval Holder of our intention to seek a Stay on December 28, 2015 to stop the commencement of construction. We also intend to pursue an issue of wider public importance with this appeal as well. At this time, the ERT has left it to counsel for both parties to organize a teleconference with the Panel to hear the case for a stay. If the ERT does not grant the stay, this will, of course, become part of our grounds for the Appeal for Ministerial Review which is now being developed by the team. Should the construction begin to commence, please advise us immediately and we will act upon this.

Almost all of the recent financial contributions received over the last week have come from individuals who already are the generous core supporters of the Snowy Ridge, Sumac Ridge and Settler’s Landing appeals. Many of them, though, are now looking for others to join in as well to close this gap and several have offered additional matching funds if we can get more people to also help out.

So once again, if you have contributed once, thank you so much…. and could you find it in your heart to contribute again? If you have contributed two or three times, you are real community heroes by standing up for defending the local interests and also helping us bring issues of broader public interest in front of the ERT and Minister, that we believe have…. and will continue to have… a significant impact on how the Green Energy projects are rolled out in the future, and which may help protect our rural communities from being overrun with industrial power plants with no say whatsoever in the matter.

These are our last opportunities to make a stand and to lay down a solid groundwork for any future lawsuits and claims for damages to hydrogeological features, domestic water supplies in the area, and health effects from a project that we know will not operate within the MOECC noise parameters…through the application for a Stay and the Ministerial Appeal, which we will be filing shortly.
You can help us make these last steps in the whole process possible. Please join in and help us meet our obligations to the hardworking legal team that has helped us mount our appeal for Snowy Ridge.

Cheques can be made to:

SR Opposition Corp.
c/o PO Box 142
Bethany, Ontario
L0A 1A0

And again, our deepest thanks and appreciation to all those who have made a contribution!!
Ron Awde
SR Opposition Corp

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