Action Call: Reminder To Attend Settlers’ Landing ERT Hearings

Hey folks!

The Environmental Review Tribunal Hearings for Settlers’ Landing started today!

And hardly anyone from the community bothered to attend.

It is easy to understand that people feel disillusioned and cynical about the hearings…a lot of people believe that the fix is in and that the approval is a foregone conclusion.

And a lot of people seem to have become complacent and believe that after six years…if the wind turbines haven’t been built yet…maybe some miracle has occurred and the companies that have invested huge dollars into these projects so far are just going to walk away.

Well…there are still a number of people in the community who have invested hundreds and hundreds of hours to date, preparing statements and testimony in order to present compelling, factual arguments against the construction of the turbines on the Oak Ridges Moraine…and it is really disappointing that the neighbours of these projects can’t be bothered to demonstrate some community support.

The truest test of commitment to a principle and to our community is to stick together even in the face of possible defeat. Everyone should be in the room to listen to the presentations and to hear the testimony of the Ministry and Approval Holder witnesses. Everyone in the community should be present to see the Tribunal in action…if only as a responsibility of citizens to see government in action.

So please make time on Thursday and Friday to attend the hearings at the Pontypool Community Centre in Pontypool.

Let the volunteers who are investing so much effort into these appeals know that their neighbours appreciate the efforts being made on the community’s behalf.


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