An Update from Councillor Heather Stauble

image_miniHello everyone,

I hope you had a wonderful summer. As the summer comes to a close there are a few important updates. There has been a great deal of activity on the part of volunteers in preparing for the upcoming Environmental Review Tribunals of Settlers Landing and Snowy Ridge wind projects. Contributions have made a difference to their ability to retain experts. The Environmental Review Tribunal is a required step towards any appeal process. These appeals protect your right to an Appeal. Please keep that in mind and contribute whatever you can.

Judicial Review: Earlier this year, wpd applied to the Ontario Divisional Court to get access to Wild Turkey Road. The Court Decision was released a couple of weeks ago. The Court found the City acted in “bad faith” in passing a resolution to ban access to Wild Turkey Road and ordered the City to consider and decide in good faith, wpd’s applications to allow for the upgrading and use of Wild Turkey Road; and wpd’s applications for any municipal permits necessary for the expeditious construction and operation of wpd’s Sumac Ridge Wind Project and to pay costs of $55,000.

wpd also asked the Court to allow the expeditious construction and operation of wpd’s Sumac Ridge Wind Project. wpd subsequently removed that request and the Court went on to state that they cannot compel the City to “allow the expeditious construction and operation of wpd’s Sumac Ridge Wind Project” and there are legitimate considerations to be applied to wpd’s use of WTR, such as indemnity, liability and decommissioning costs. These are to be negotiated in good faith with wpd, without frustrating the REA and in good faith. The Decision is posted online under Ontario Divisional Court Decisions.
Council will get an update on the implications of this Decision next Tuesday, September 8, 2013, during closed session.

News and articles:
My Kawartha:


Energy Insider- Aird & Berliss

Ontario Energy Board:
wpd also sought access to the unopened sections of Gray Rd and Wild Turkey Rd. to cross Wild Turkey Rd and run a collector line along Gray Rd. wpd was granted limited access subject to drawings in their Application. Clarification is being sought on the exact access granted. Decision attached.

Ministerial Review: the Appellants had submitted an Appeal to the Minister on the Cham Shan (Sumac Ridge) ERT Decision. The Minister’s Decision has not been released.

Environmental Review Tribunals:

The public is welcome and encouraged to attend.

September 9 -11, 2015 at 10 am
Pontypool Community Centre
254 John St. Pontypool

September 28 – Oct 5, 2015 at 10 am
Janetville Community Centre

693 Janetville Rd., Janetville

For information on legal appeals and how to contribute:

SNOWY RIDGE ERT (north of 7A and east of 35, Bethany/Janetville)
Make cheques payable to: ‘SR Opposition Corp’


Direct Deposit to SR Opposition Corp
TD Canada Trust, #20985001944 Branch #2098.
1475 Hwy 7A, Bethany, Branch

For information:
Ron Awde
SR Opposition Corp.
1063 Hwy 7a, PO Box 142
Bethany, Ontario
L0A 1A0
Arrangements can be made for contributions to be picked up.

Contributions may be made through

Direct Deposit to Account # 5001871 in name of Manvers Wind Concerns, Branch #2098
TD Canada Trust,
1475 Hwy 7A, Bethany


By Mail to:
Manvers Wind Concerns
1450 Hwy 7A, Box 14, Bethany, L0A 1A0

Contributions that are not identified will automatically go to Snowy Ridge.
For more information contact:

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