Snowy Ridge Preliminary Hearing Update

Dear Friends,

We’ve made it to the next Step!

In spite of the Environment and Land Tribunals changing the rules in July without telling anyone…requiring us as Appellant to submit not only a list of intended evidence and witnesses, but all witness statements and all documentation to be relied on in the hearing….we have been able to get everyone to pull together their Statements and Documentation by the deadline date of August 4th in accordance with the accelerated process schedule.

Just a reminder though. If you are looking to request status as a Party, Participant or Presenter, please make sure you get your form completed and submittedby 4:00 pm, August 5th, 2015, using the Status Request Form to be found at or provide the requisite information by email instead. It is too late to submit a request by letter through mail. The request would go to

Remember that you need to:

– Set out Status sought
– Set out how the test is met
– Provide Statement of Issues and Material facts

Now the harsh reality….

Unless more people contribute to this effort, we won’t have the ability to continue to the end of this process.

As we indicated a few weeks ago….we can only continue as long as we have money in the bank for legal fees and covering costs of expert witnesses.

At the moment, we aren’t even halfway to our goal and with the accelerated process and schedule, we don’t have a lot of time to be out raising money in the community this time around.

If you haven’t yet sent in a contribution…please send it in today c/o SR Opposition Corp., 1063 Highway 7a, Bethany, Ontario, L0A 1A0, or make a direct donation at the Bethany TD Bank to Account # 5001944 If everyone chipped in a few hundred dollars we would easily meet our goal…. but if everyone keeps waiting for someone else to contribute first or contribute more or to contribute so that you might not need to…we are not going to make it….it is as simple as that.

In addition to those who have made a financial contribution over the last few months, so many people have already provided many hundreds of volunteer hours organizing information, collecting documents and preparing witness statements and expertise. Please help us ensure that the results of all their work and this evidence can be presented at the Tribunal.

Our first hearing date is 10 am, August 10th at the Council Chambers at the City Hall in Lindsay…so time is short.

If you want to talk to me about the Appeal or how you can help, please give me a call at my office 705-277-9490..or outside of office hours at 705-277-9618. I’ve already enjoyed meeting and talking to a number of concerned neighbours and people in our community and we’re grateful for the support so far.

Until the next Update,


Ron Awde
SR Opposition Corp.

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