Snowy Ridge Environmental Review Tribunal: Preliminary Hearing, August 10th, 2015

By now, many of you will have received Notice of the Preliminary Hearing for the Snowy Ridge Environmental Review Tribunal.

For those who haven’t, please note the following from the Notice issued:

Preliminary Hearing:

A Preliminary Hearing will be conducted on:

Date: August 10, 2015
Time: 10:00 a.m.
Location: City Hall
Council Chambers
City of Kawartha Lakes
26 Francis Street
Lindsay, Ontario

The purpose of the Preliminary Hearing will be:
 to hear and determine requests from groups and individuals for Party, Participant or
Presenter status;
 to identify the issues to be considered at the main Hearing; and
 to deal with any preliminary matters that may be raised by Parties, Participants and

How to Participate:
Any person who wishes to take part in this Hearing as a Party, Participant or Presenter
should submit their request in writing (preferably by email) to the Case Coordinator/Planner
no later than 4:00 p.m. on August 5, 2015. A Status Request Form is available at All requests must state:

 whether the person is seeking Party, Participant or Presenter status
 a statement of the issues, facts and submissions relevant to the appeal that they
wish to present.
 whether their participation is likely to make a relevant contribution to the Tribunal’s
determination of whether engaging in the renewable energy project in accordance
with the approval will cause serious harm to human health or serious and irreversible
harm to plant life, animal life or the natural environment.
 whether the person’s interests may be directly and substantially affected by the
Hearing or its result, and
 whether the person has a genuine interest, whether public or private in subject
matter of the proceeding.

Please note that a person named by the Tribunal as Party, Participant or Presenter may not
raise issues that have not already been raised by persons specified as Parties. A copy of
the Notice of Appeal may be obtained by contacting the Tribunal by email at

Requests must also include contact information including telephone, email and fax
contact information (if available) to ensure a timely response to your request and
ongoing exchange of important hearing information.

If a written request is not received by the required deadline, the Tribunal may refuse the

Main Hearing:
The hearing of evidence in this appeal will commence on:
Date: September 8, 2015
Time: 10:00 a.m.
Location: Janetville Community Centre
693 Janetville Road
Janetville, Ontario
and will continue, if necessary, on dates to be confirmed at/or following the Preliminary

Please note that we will be asking for this to be changed because it is apparently the same date as the Settler’s Landing Hearing.

TAKE NOTICE that the Preliminary Hearing and Hearing dates are peremptory to all
Parties, Participants and Presenters. If you do not attend at the Preliminary Hearing
and identify yourself to the Tribunal, the Environmental Review Tribunal may
proceed in your absence and you will not receive any further notice in these
proceedings. The Tribunal may make orders with respect to the conduct of the
proceeding which will be binding on all present and future Parties, Participants and

How to Donate

It is even more important than ever that if you have not made a contribution to oppose this project that you take a couple of minutes and write out a cheque and put it in the mail today!!

Please make your contribution payable to:

SR Opposition Corp.
c/o 1063 Highway 7a
Bethany, Ontario
L0A 1A0

You can also drop them off to us at the address above or at 1458 Highway 7a…or please let us know if you’d like us to stop by and pick them up! We’d be glad to do it! Call me at 705-277-9490 during the day or at 705-277-9618 between 5pm and 9:30pm.

Or…if you’d like to deposit directly at the TD bank, the account number is 500 1944 2098

On behalf of the Appellant, SR Opposition Corp.,


Ron Awde

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