One Last MWC Question Response

Brenda Karagiannis

Mayoralty Candidate

Thank you and in fact this email along with others were in my Spam folder… I apologize and can assure you that I endeavour to respond to emails within 24 hours. This account is not one I normally use and therefore when the emails were sent to the spam folder they were overlooked. My response is below should you wish to share:

Hi Paul,

As a neighbour and fellow taxpayer I have tried to stay informed on this issue not only here in Kawartha Lakes but also in Southern Ontario.

As the Mayor of The City of Kawartha Lakes I will always be concerned with the health and safety of all our residents. Although wind-generated power is an established source of renewable energy being created globally, there are legitimate concerns and studies being put forward regarding health, safety and the economic impacts for those living close to developed sites.

I understand that with the passing of the Green Energy Act in 2009, our Municipality along with all the others in Ontario, were excluded from any input and the decision making process relating to the location, setbacks etc… Even the right of an individual to appeal the location and placement was removed. This is not acceptable!
I served as the Chair of the HKLB Conservative Party of Canada EDA for 8 years and during that time I learned the power of advocacy and quickly established a network which allows me direct access to Provincial and Federal Government regardless of the political party. My gift of advocacy has been a tremendous asset to the City of Kawartha Lakes while a board member on the following committees of council; Business Development Advisory Board, The Economic Development Opportunities Committee & Tourism Advisory Board.

As Mayor of The City of Kawartha Lakes I intend to work diligently with your organization, other Municipalities and on behalf of our citizens to effectively advocate to the Province and the Federal Government to influence the direction and decision making process of this very important issue.

I welcome future meetings with your group and look forward to working with you personally.

– Candidate for Mayor of The City of Kawartha Lakes

Mayoral Candidate
City of Kawartha Lakes

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