Additional Councillor Responses to Questions re: Industrial Wind Turbines

We completely missed the following response and offer our sincere apologies:

Steve Karpazis

Thank you for sending me a listing of the replies submitted by candidates to your question.
Unfortunately, my response is not listed.

I am sure it’s just a simple oversight. Would you please check to see that it is rectified.

to help, here again is my answer to your question.

What I know about the issue of industrial wind projects in the Manvers area I’ve collected from the local press, the many letters and documents council has reviewed as part of their agenda, and from speaking to residents in the Manvers area.

What I know about the issue of industrial wind projects in general I’ve collected by reading our national papers, national magazines and a variety of information by way of the internet.

As to what I believe is the issue of industrial wind projects? I believe that they have no place anywhere near where people live.

You ask what I would do as a Councillor in the City of Kawartha Lakes to support Manvers in it’s fight; given that I share your position, I would do anything I could to help.



Duncan Gallacher
Dear Paul.
I am sorry that I somehow missed this email. That is my fault in the process of returning emails during the election. I have a full time job and use this email for work as well. Next election I will make sure that I don’t do that. I will say that I don’t expect you to post this, since it is past the deadline, but I am against the turbines because they are both environmentally and economically inefficient. I have read that the electricity production and works out to 10% of the building cost and the carbon footprint in manufacturing and maintaining a wind turbine far bigger than then it ever reduces. I am a master electrician and I see the biggest problem with wind turbines is that you can’t control when it is windy and you can’t store energy produced at non peak times. Unlike solar, which is produced during the highest use period, if the turbines are turning at night, the potential energy is wasted. The wind is too unpredictable around here for use. What these turbines do is make the people in Toronto feel like they are doing something for the environment, so long it isn’t right beside them.

If you have any questions, let me know
Thank you for your time


Janice Salsbury

Hello Paul: I am sorry that I missed this email from you earlier. I do not know a lot about the wind turbines except through anecdotal evidence from people who live near them in other areas. They express great concern for the bird population and describe finding dozens of birds dead daily as a result of flying into the turbines. I also have read some of the information on the Prince Edward County objection to the turbines based on the destruction of the habitat of certain endangered turtles.

I object to the wind turbines for the environmental concerns cited above and do not believe that they are cost effective. The impact that this has had on the Buddhist Temple I believe is great and this may translate into loss of tourist dollars in the future.

In short, I do not favour the wind turbines.


Mark Edwards

I am for renewable energy but not industrial wind turbines that are forced on the area by large corporations.
John Pollard

Thanks for your questions.
I am not fully aware of all the issues and concerns with wind turbines. I do know however that there many concerns with this type of electrical generation by many groups and individuals. Personally I am concerned with there wide spread use throughout the City and how it is impacting our residents. I know this is a provincial issue however we can voice our concerns to the other levels of government.

Paul Reid
for MWC

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