Candidates for Councillor RESPONSES to the MWC Question

Manvers Wind Concerns thanks the Candidates for Councillor in the upcoming COKL Municipal Election who took the time to respond to our request for their position on Industrial Wind Turbines . Many have not chosen to participate in this exercise.

As promised, their responses were posted verbatim, unedited, and in the exact manner and font presented.



“Dear Candidate for the Office of Councillor ( COKL ),

Manvers Wind Concerns is posing a question to all of the candidates for COKL Council. The same question has been posed separately to the Mayoralty candidates.

As a potential Councillor your position on Industrial Wind Turbines, and your support on this issue, is of critical important to us.

We would request that you provide an answer to the question below within 10 business days so that our members will be able to cast an informed vote in this very important municipal election.

Your answers will be distributed to MWC and posted on our website at on Monday September 29th.

Please answer the following question:

Manvers Wind Concerns, representing a vast majority of residents, has been as a grass roots group, fighting the incursion of Industrial Wind Turbines into COKL for 7 long years now.

Many municipal politicians have said that they do not support industrial wind projects but because the Province makes the final decision, it is out of their hands. There are, however, ways in which a municipality can support a community.

Keeping in mind that your Ward could be next………

What do you know about this issue and what would you, as a Councillor in the City of Kawartha Lakes, be prepared to do to support Manvers in its fight against the proposed Industrial wind projects in the Manvers area.”

Thank you for taking the time to address this issue and thank you for your service to the community. ”

Paul Reid
for MWC


Ward 1

Leslie Mieszkowski

I am not too happy about wind turbines. From what I understand , environmentally they do more damage then good.
They cost tax payers way to much money and the return on the investment is poor. Also I believe a lot of european
countries that created these windmills are now saying there not great after all and are trying to dismantle them.Thank you.

Ward 2

Steven Katsikaris

I am totally against Wind Generation. I was a big fan at first until I found out its not practical due to high maintenance costs. I saw the result in California 14 years ago and that fields of thousands of these wind generators were seized up and not turning. The cost of maintenance busted the company. We must talk about this after the election.

Larry Hickman

As I am running for Councillor in Ward 2 for the first time I am unaware of the issues surrounding these proposed Industrial Wind Turbines and therefore I am unable to comment on this issue at this time.

Ward 4

Andrew Veale

Hi Paul

If I am elected as a councillor for ward 4 I would be prepared to support the Manvers Wind Concern by continuing to help the group get there message out, keep bringing there concerns forward to the province, lobby the province for more municipal input on projects like this that have such a huge social/health/economic impact on the municipality as a whole.


Andrew Veale

Steve Karpazis


What I know about the issue of industrial wind projects in the Manvers area I’ve collected from the local press, the many letters and documents council has reviewed as part of their agenda, and from speaking to residents in the Manvers area.

What I know about the issue of industrial wind projects in general I’ve collected by reading our national papers, national magazines and a variety of information by way of the internet.

As to what I believe is the issue of industrial wind projects? I believe that they have no place anywhere near where people live.

You ask what I would do as a Councillor in the City of Kawartha Lakes to support Manvers in it’s fight; given that I share your position, I would do anything I could to help.

Ward 7

Steve Clarke

Hi Paul, Yes an interesting question indeed, so I guess my question in reply is …what is your alternative choice of Hydro production? I don`t mean to be flip but we all love 110v coming directly to households plus a little 220v when reqd. What are our options…..? Nuclear with Uranium and used Rod disposal, Solar covering good cropland, Wind, killing birds, EMF`s, noise considerations, Coal and Oil, expensive and polluting, Propane and Natural Gas……not sure what the down side is to that other than CO2, Cold Fusion…..? as I said I`m not trying to be flip, I genuinely want to know what are the other options out there that you support as an alternative…as a Candidate I need the input of as many professionals in the field as I can, because personally I`m at a lost to pick an alternate that does`nt have a down side. Thanks, Steve Clarke, Candidate Ward 7

Ward 8

Jay Muchmaker

Although I am a strong supporter of solar projects, Wind turbines tend to heavily disrupt the continuity of life in many ways. The noise pollution alone can be heard for many miles in every direction from wind farms. There is not a single community in the United States presently housing a wind farm that is happy with the results, no matter what the electrical savings may have been. In most cases the savings go into extra profits for the owners rather than being used to compensate the community for extreme noise pollution.
Our electrical rates in this area are higher than most other areas and I am happy to see Kawartha Lakes has built solar farms near Woodville, but there is a known fact the farther electricity travels through wires the more is lost! So why aren’t they first building an electrical company to service Woodville and area with this great accomplishment, maximizing it’s potential instead of shipping the electricity to lower city costs. The cash income would more than offset the electrical costs.
Woodville is not in Ward 8 but it just makes sense.

Michelle Murphy -Ward

To Manvers wind Concerns

What I can say at this time is , what I have read about wind projects concern me . Having said that I do not have enough information at this time to make a definitive stand

. Ward 10

Howard Robinson

My position on wind turbines has not changed since the issue first found it’s way to COKL Council years ago. They are an intrusion that should not be placed in municipalities that don’t want them, and that decision should be made at the local level in good land use planning policy.

Howard Robinson

Ward 14

Eddie Burton

Hello Paul, I would be happy to meet with you to listen and talk about the wind mills, let me know thanks

Ward 15

Karl Seidel

Hi Paul

As far as my knowledge goes I am not up to date on the issue except. I have a general idea of the not in my backyard situation.

In general my understanding of the European situation with them is that they are not very successful and that a lot of countries are no longer willing to subsidize them.

The direct answer to your question is that I do not support them.

Ward 16

Linda Neale Carder

I am in favour of Wind Turbines and other forms of non polluting energy generation. I believe that the technology for this form of hydro generation is not only viable and practical but beautiful in design. I believe the various locations of the Wind projects, Manvers Township, will be tourist attractions and landmarks for travelers just like the CN Tower or the former Lindsay water tower (could have been used as a communication tower and generate tax dollars instead we paid $80,000.00 to have it removed). The Turbines have a life span of 20 years unlike Nuclear Power plants that will own the Lake Ontario water front for 300-500 years. The 3 Cham Chan temple complexes that are planned for Manvers will not be built for another 50-100 years, and that is a guess as the Temple on Ski Hill Rd (Cavan Township) has been in process for 20 years and is still under construction. They own approx.1700 acres, mostly in Manvers and plan 3 more temples. Our Councillor Stauble has stated that on special days these sites could attract 10,000 visitors…think about that. These temples will not be gone in 20 years but will change the landscape of Manvers forever.

Electricity from wind is evolving just like the first commercial cell phone in the 80’s referred to as the Motorolla Brick (for those, like me, who had one). How many people are even using last years Iphone or blackberry? Wind, solar, geo thermal etc and now energy storage are evolving the in the same way. A underground electricity storage facility has just opened in Minto, Ont. The private company called NRStor Inc. has the ability to store 2 Megawatts at present but it represents a breakthrough in grid control, something that was deemed impossible a few years ago.
As for the argument that the Ont. Govt. set out all the rules etc, well the Fed. Govt.(CRTC) sets all the rules for all Communication Tower locations and because we want our cell phone and internet on demand we generally agree that its worth the “blight” on our landscape. Governments, at all levels, regulate our lives and we elect people who will, hopefully, make good decisions based on sound facts.
It has been 7 years of protest in Manvers. Imagine if all that talent & energy had been put into helping the Wind Turbine companies design and implement these projects. I do not believe in scaring people with false stories like Wisconsin farmer that was nothing more than a paid advertisement in a Wisconsin paper copied to be sent out to our residents. Who is Manvers Wind Concern speaking for, how many of their paid members actually live in Manvers and where does their money comes from? I don’t believe that they represent the “Majority” of Manvers residents with only 600+ voters selecting Heather Stauble as their councillor out of 3500 eligible voters in 2010. One would think that such a hot issue would bring the entire township out to vote for her. Lets see what happens this time.

Linda Carder,
Cosmo Carchidi

To: Manvers Wind Concerns

I know the proposed locations that the wind turbines are to be erected.
I know that they are a danger to the migratory birds.
I know that with the amount of moving parts and the structures being out in a hostile environment , like ours, the maintenance costs must be enormous.
I know that there are overseas countries abandoning wind turbines as a source of energy.
I know that they require a maze of transmission lines to deliver the power.
I know that the provincial party in power is the author of the Green Energy Act, which supports wind turbines.The same party that cancelled two gas fired power plants costing the taxpayers billions of dollars.
I know that I could never become accustomed to the swooshing sound, the interrupting shadows and the unsightliness of the turbines.

As a councillor for City of Kawartha Lakes, I would get copies of all the environmental assessments and studies connected to the project. I would meet with others who are opposed and are familiar with the system. We certainly don’t have the market cornered with respect to people being opposed to wind turbines!

In closing, I can assure you that I won’t sit quietly in the corner when this subject is being discussed.

Heather Stauble

I have been involved with this issue since 2009 when the first public meeting was held by a wind company at the Pontypool Community Centre. I was opposed to them before being elected to Council in 2010. I will continue to oppose these projects as a Councillor and a resident for the following reasons:
Health Concerns – There are hundreds of reports of adverse health concerns and noise issues related to industrial wind turbines in Ontario. These have been documented by the Ministry of the Environment, Health Canada and recently by the Provincial Research Chair’s Study:Wind Turbine Noise, Sleep Quality, and Symptoms of Inner Ear Problems as well as independent researchers. A report by the Medical Officer of Health for Grey Bruce Health Unit, Dr. Hazel Lynn and Dr. Ian Arra and other peer reviewed research by medical professionals from around the world are consistent with the reports of adverse health effects in Ontario. The research shows a relationship between sleep disturbance, noise issues, anxiety, mood disorders, heart palpitations, elevated cortisol levels and proximity to industrial wind turbines.

Noise Concerns – The noise assessments do not take into account the cumulative numbers of turbines, the swooshing, thumping or the repetitive nature of the sound. Only audible sound is measured. Low frequency noise and infrasound is known to be a problem. The Chatham Kent Environmental Review Tribunal concluded that an approved method of measuring low frequency noise must be developed. The Ministry of the Environment had committed to developing such a noise test. To date, there is still no noise test for low frequency noise.

Shadow Flicker – Asking people to close their blinds is unreasonable and effectively imprisons them in their homes.

Energy Production – Wind turbines rarely produce more than 30% of their name plate capacity. Production is primarily at night and in the winter. This is when demand for power is at its lowest. It is difficult to manage because of its intermittent nature and requires gas or coal as a back up. Other forms of energy generation, such as hydro and nuclear are routinely dumped, spilled, sold at a discount, given away or other jurisdictions are paid to take the power in order to prevent overloads on the grid. Effectively, this means we are paying for the generation of two forms of energy at the same time and then paying to get rid of the excess while subsidizing electricity in neighbouring jurisdictions. Paying for the production of electricity twice and then the cost of dumping the excess is a needless waste of everyone’s money.

Economic impact – There are negative impacts on individuals, municipality, province, manufacturing, and local businesses as a result of the high cost of electricity and concerns about health, property values and the environment. This has an impact on every aspect of our economy.

Municipal and Community Consultation – This process is NOT a realistic reflection of meaningful consultation and should not be considered valid. It has been divisive and eroded public confidence in their Provincial government.

As a Councillor I have obtained Council support calling for:

· A moratorium

· A minimum 2km setback to property lines

· Low Frequency Noise testing protocol

· Clinical health studies

· Demonstrated support of both the municipality and community as a condition of approval.

· No wind turbines on the Oak Ridges Moraine

· Environmental assessments

· Recommended amendments to the Green Energy Act and Renewable Energy Approval process that prescribe and give greater weight and consideration to meaningful consultation with both municipalities and the local community, and including a requirement for demonstrated municipal and local community support as a condition of project approval by the Minister of Environment.

Council has declared itself:

· “Not a Willing Host”

· Instituted Development Charges, review and administrative fees

· Adopted an REA Review Process

As a Councillor and member of Council, I have:

· Attended meetings and made submissions to the Ministers of the Environment, Energy, Natural Resources

· Ensured that constituent concerns are registered and acknowledged by the Ministry of Environment

· Filed Environmental Registry (EBR) submissions

· Participated in the Environmental Review Tribunal and Ontario Energy Board Hearings

· Recommended that approval be denied for the proposed wind projects

· Worked closely with the community in preparing information for the Environmental Registry, Environmental Review Tribunal, Ontario Energy Board and other processes

· Worked closely with municipal staff and community to ensure that community concerns are identified and registered

Going forward, I would continue to work closely with the community on this issue and look for opportunities to address concerns locally, provincially and federally.


Once again, many thanks to the Candidates for Councillor for taking the time to respond to this critical issue that in fact goes well beyond the significant local concerns. Best of luck to all and thank you for your public service.

Paul Reid

for MWC

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  1. manversgwtw says:

    Ward 4 candidate Steve Karpazis did provide an answer to the question but was somehow missed in the original post. This post has now been corrected to include his response.

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