A Message from COKL Councillor Heather Stauble

Heather StaubleOn August 13th, 2014 the Environmental Review Tribunal reconvened to get an update on the status of the location of Turbine #1 which was 449m from a noise receptor. The ERT was advised at that time that the noise receptor had been “moved”. There was no record of a permit having been issued. The ERT will reconvene on September 4, at 9am for an update on this issue as well as the status of Turbine #5 and #2.

While important, Turbine # 1 was not the only issue with the Sumac Ridge wind project. There were 2874 comments posted and most of them were NOT about one noise receptor. The reasons for protecting the Oak Ridges Moraine matter as much today as they did when all three parties voted to protect it and the reasons for protecting the health of you and your families matter as much today as they did when we first heard about these wind projects.

The Sumac Ridge update was compounded by news that the Settlers Landing project and Snowy Ridge project were both posted for comment on the Environmental Registry (EBR). This was anticipated and the reports have been reviewed and comments compiled.

The City of Kawartha Lakes had requested reports for Settlers Landing and Snowy Ridge including Hydrogeological Reports, detailed mapping and Noise Assessments. The proponent refused to provide the final reports to the municipality. Both Settlers Landing and Snowy Ridge projects were posted without a Municipal Consultation Form.

An enormous amount of work has been done by many people on all three projects. Hundreds and hundreds of pages of detailed comments prepared by volunteers for each of the projects….extraordinary work and a very big thank you! Check tabs under the project name https://manverswindconcerns.wordpress.com Email: manverswindconcern@gmail.com

This was a rough week, but the reasons to get involved remain as important, if not more so, today as they were five years ago. Start with comments. Contribute however you are able. Let’s get busy. Speak up and say it often!!!


Heather Stauble


Ward 16
City of Kawartha Lakes

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