Letter Writing Action Call….DEADLINE APRIL 11TH

Time for another letter writing exercise…here is your assignment!


Thank you to all who wrote letters in support of Manvers Wind Concerns’ opposition to the proposed Sumac Ridge Wind Project! Please be assured your letters are VERY important to all involved.

Wpd has posted its 8 Options for its Municipal Class EA for servicing the Sumac Ridge industrial power plant project even though the developer has not been granted any authority by the City of Kawartha Lakes. In fact the municipality has denied the developer access to Wild Turkey Road. WPD is not a municipality.

The deadline for comments on the 8 Options is APRIL 11, 2014!

wpdCanada road options are found at the below link. Once you are in the Municipal Class Environmental Assessment (MCEA) 2014 website, click on the Project Information at the top right menu bar to see the road option maps.

Sumac Ridge – MCEA – Notice of options

Helpful bullet points for your letter writing pleasure!

  • In light of the resolution passed by The City of Kawartha Lakes on March 25th, 2014 , Option 1A, 3 and 4 CAN NOT be considered as options.


  • 1B, 2A, 2B, 5 and 6 must be the ‘preferred’ options. Since Sumac Ridge is a private for-profit project with confidential leases signed with private landowners, the access roads should be located on private lands.


  • Please request that in the interest of transparency, wpd post all comments received on the website.

Send comments by Friday April 11th to: comments@municipalea2014.ca
Send copies to yourself… as well as Councillor Heather Stauble at: hstauble@city.kawarthalakes.on.ca as well as MPP Laurie Scott at: laurie.scottco@pc.ola.org

Kawartha Lakes This Week
By Mary Riley

Kawartha Lakes Council closes access to wind energy farm via Wild Turkey Road
Council denies request by wpd Canada to permit access to proposed wind energy farm via Wild Turkey Road

(MANVERS TWP) A wind energy company looking to build five turbines under the Sumac Ridge wind project in Manvers Township won’t be using a local trail for access

At Tuesday’s meeting (March 25) council did not approve a request by wpd Canada that Wild Turkey Road be opened to allow access to the turbines, if they are built. The Province approved the project last December, but Manvers Wind Concerns and the Cham Shan Buddhist Temple are appealing.

wpd Canada has been seeking permission from the City since 2012 for upgrades and access to Ballyduff, Wild Turkey and Gray roads and has battled with the City ever since.

A staff report notes all three would be potentially impacted by the proposed development, noting a portion of Wild Turkey Road is unopened and not maintained by the City. “Wpd proposes to utilize this section of unopened road allowance to accommodate construction access, future maintenance access through three proposed property entrances, and a transmission wire crossing. Wpd also proposes to reconstruct this road (and would request the City to open and maintain the resultant road) for future vehicular traffic,” the report states.

Ward 16 Councillor Heather Stauble told This Week Wild Turkey Road in particular is more of a trail than a road. While a vehicle can use it, “they go very slow; it’s not a place for a vehicle if you don’t want to get mud on your car. It is primarily used by hikers, horseback riders; it’s not an open road.”

She said it is also prohibited from being “opened” by the Oak Ridges Moraine Act.

Coun. Stauble said Sumac Ridge is “a private project on private land” and the City is not obligated to open Wild Turkey Road to accommodate the proposed project


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