1075947_365958383522084_1221890855_sFOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE
DECEMBER 12, 2013 (LINDSAY):  Laurie Scott, MPP for Haliburton-Kawartha Lakes-Brock, expressed shock and dismay at yesterday’s announcement by the Ministry of Environment (MOE) granting approval to the proposed industrial wind turbines for the Sumac Ridge project.
Scott, who has worked hard in opposing these projects, through questions and letters to Ministers, submission of petitions in the Legislature, participation in public meetings and demonstrations and numerous discussions with the media, was clearly frustrated by the decision.
She said, “After years of virtually universal opposition to these projects from residents, farmers, businesses and municipal government, I find it incredulous that the government would turn a blind eye and proceed with the project.”
MOE’s decision regarding the project was posted online.  The Ministry confirmed that 2,874 comments had been received from the public.  Although the Ministry laid out conditions which have to be met before construction can begin, in its analysis MOE basically dismissed the majority of concerns raised by residents, including the potential health impacts of industrial wind turbines and risks to the Oak Ridges Moraine.
Scott added, “Once again this government is ignoring the growing body of evidence that there are health risks associated with wind turbines.  The McGuinty/Wynne government is proving that its primary commitment is to its ideologically-based, but disastrous, green energy policies, rather than the best interest of Ontarians”.
This morning in the Legislature Scott immediately went to several Ministers voicing her concerns and disappointment.  She also pointed out to them that one of the now approved turbines will be adjacent to one of the Cham Shan Buddhist Temple retreats, which was built in this area for its pastoral beauty and tranquility.  Despite assurances from the Ministry of Energy that the Temple would be consulted before a final decision was made, no such dialogue occurred.
Scott went on to say, “This is another example of this government’s political cowardice in bringing down a controversial decision like this immediately prior to the Legislature adjourning until February, eliminating the opportunity to ask serious questions of the Minister in the House”.
This decision may be appealed within 15 days, making the deadline December 26th.  Manvers Wind Concerns has already advised its legal counsel to proceed with the appeal.
Scott concluded, “This is a black day for the riding of Haliburton-Kawartha Lakes-Brock. After Premier Wynn promised that communities would have a say in the approval of wind turbine projects, the residents of our community have been ignored.  It is a shameful legacy for a government that is clearly out of touch.”

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  1. David Watson says:

    Thank you Laurie for issuing this press release and making your displeasure known. I am shocked, as I expect many others are as well. I can only speak for myself, but I will not hide my disgust for this Liberal government. They are liars, inept and corrupt. I do not understand how a government could ignore such a forceful and massive display of opposition to this project by the people of Manvers. I thought I heard this new Premier say that GEA projects would not be sited in areas where people were not willing hosts. Wynne is equal in her ability to mislead the people just as Dalton did. Nothing has changed with the handing over of power. Dalton’s dictatorship has is now the model of operation for Wynne. This decision proves that without a shadow of a doubt that the system of evaluation for GEA project is terribly flawed and this Liberal government has no respect for the taxpayers and more troubling is their unfocused and ineptness managing the energy profilo of this Province. That have to be stupid in going forth with these useless wind energy programs when the cost to benefit clearly shows that the GEA is doing nothing to make energy more efficiently generated. It is costing us, not them, billions of dollars to reside in this province. Even the hyped up belief that these industrial turbines are saving our environment are not true. Just because a Liberal tells you something, it does make it true. More than likely the opposite.

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