Petition Needs Signatures

Petition available for signing for the next week at the following locations:
Omemee-Heaven on Seven
Bethany- 3 locations:  Public Library, Gourlay’s Garage & Gas Station and the General Store/LCBO
Pontypool- Country Style Bistro Deli/ Corner Convenience Store
Millbrook- Bear Essentials


PLEASE SIGN THIS PETITION THAT COULD STOP Wind Developers from receiving extension after extension from the government for their projects. They have contracted to have the Industrial Wind Turbines up and running by certain dates in 2014. They should not be given extensions if they cannot fulfill their commitments. This document simply asks the government to honour the agreements that were signed with the Wind Companies. If the Wind Company cannot deliver on time, the agreement should be null and void and the projects should fail.

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One Response to Petition Needs Signatures

  1. Carolyn Morrison says:

    There will be huge ramifications on the Buddist temples, the ski hills and all the farms and homes in this area. Go somewhere else !

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