Wind Turbines VS Buddhist Temple Plans

Thanks to MPP Laurie Scott, Heather Stauble, Scott McFadden and officials from the Cham Sham Temple for their hard work today.


Many questions left unanswered after Buddhists meet with Minister of Energy

Nov 4th, 2013

QUEEN’S PARK- This morning, a meeting that was organized through Haliburton- Kawartha Lakes- Brock MPP Laurie Scott took place between members of the Cham Shan Temple, the deputy mayor of the Township of Cavan Monaghan Scott McFadden, Councillor for the City of Kawartha Lakes Heather Stauble and members of various ministries such as the Environment, Rural Affairs and Energy including the Minster of Energy Bob Chiarelli.

Unfortunately the government had been reluctant to set up a meeting, as officials from the Temple began communicating with the government back in August. Thanks to Scott’s questioning of the Premier and Minister Chiarelli in the Legislature, this meeting was able to happen.

This meeting was to allow the members of the Cham Shan Temple to voice their concerns over proposed industrial wind turbines that would ruin the beautiful surroundings of the locations and hurt the chances for completion of the Temple project, which has been 20 years in the making.

Diane Chen, property manager for the Temple, and her team delivered a wonderful presentation that included many of the economic benefits that the Temple would bring to the community. It was thorough, and generated positive reactions from all sides of the table.

However, Scott said that when the municipal representatives presented hard-hitting questions about their municipalities’ concerns over the wind farms “the discussion led to inadequate responses from the various government representatives.

“The Liberal government continues to force industrial wind turbines on unwilling communities,” said Scott, “they should give full planning authority back to the municipalities.”

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