Now the Meetings Are Over- What’s Next?


Please send an email objecting to Snowy Ridge and Settler’s Landing to:,,,,,,,,,,

You do not have to be from this area. Just voice your concern and your objections to the projects in COKL. Remember if they do not receive objections it is interpreted as acceptance. They are counting on apathy. They are counting on defeatism.

SUBJECT: Sprott Power Final Public Meeting Settlers Landing Project Pontypool January 17, 2013

Object on health concerns, property value concerns , environmental, tourism, aesthetics, cost, inefficiencies, loss of democratic rights. Whatever you believe BUT DO IT !!

Please do it today for Pontypool and Bethany.

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One Response to Now the Meetings Are Over- What’s Next?

  1. manversgwtw says:

    There are DEADLINE DATES… According to the project manager, Dave Eva:

    The comment period for both projects has been extended to January 28 for Snowy Ridge, and January 30 for Settlers Landing. Comments and questions received after these dates will not be included in the Consultation Reports for the projects, but we will continue to consult with the community and answer questions outside of that process, including through the establishment of the Community Liaison Committee. REA applications will be submitted in February.

    One might also consider stating that comments submitted concern BOTH projects and that Snowy Ridge and Settlers Landing should be seen as ONE project. There are no restrictions …one does not have to live in the project area to be eligible to send in comments. One is not restricted to one comment/question submission. Project manager Dave Eva in an email correspondence stated that to date, under 200 comments have been received by the company – in their opinion this accounts for little show of concern or opposition to the projects …… here’s the opportunity to increase that number.

    IMPORTANT NOTE: In response to complaints about the comment form received after the December 13th interim meeting by the company, the comment form was changed. Hundreds of the new improved comment forms were passed out at the January 10th and 11th Snowy Ridge meetings. HOWEVER, the company forgot to list an address where to send the forms to! Something to comment on!!!

    One might also want point out that the proponent has indicated new reports for the Settlers Landing and Snowy Ridge project will be added shortly to the ZEP website– yet under the rules ALL information should have been made available for public perusal for 60 days.

    NOTE: The photomontages for Snowy Ridge have disappeared. When questioned about this at last night’s meeting, project manager Dave Eva said they were removed because the turbine images were too small. This despite the fact when the accuracy of these photo mock-ups was questioned at the public meeting, people were told they were accurate.

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