Good Evening…….nothing earth shattering to report ( thank goodness). For reasons unknown, the MOE has not yet posted for public comment the WPD wind farm proposal for Sumac Ridge, which is the project of 3 in COKL, closest to the Ballyduff Road area.

Doubtless, you have been  watching the latest wind and political news, so we shall not repeat or interpret here. Lets just pray that this project is never posted by the Ministry. And, lets hope I have not jinxed us by saying so.

More realistically , as a group we are preparing for the worst. The  Administrative Committee ( Susan Binnie, Dave Bridges, and Paul Reid ) have been meeting in efforts to ensure we are ready to assist our community to file the best possible objections to Sumac Ridge . Essentially we have been putting procedures in place  that will by  flyer , e blast, and social media direct everyone to . The website will then have exact instructions and links to post official objections  to the EBR site . To do so is both our legal right and responsibility as citizens.

Furthermore with huge thanks to Jane Zednek, Susan Binnie , and Marion Thompson we will have an exhaustive list of specific and researched objections from which to choose. This list will be suggestive only but will help those of us who need help. I for one am most grateful. I am afraid the  old ” Leave our Town ” objection just won’t cut it anymore.

Also, Pam Lawson has been very busy with the Manvers Wind Concerns Kawartha facebook page and now the  page will  be open to all. Manvers Wind Concerns has also set up  Thanks again to Pam for carrying the load on the Facebook page and on the Community Board in Bethany.

Now that the project appears to be imminent there is increasing community interest ,and a sense of urgency to help stop the relentless spread  of these useless Wind Turbines that will no doubt follow, once and if, the first project is approved.

Please continue to inform your friends, and  send us new contacts .

From a fundraising perspective, if needed for an Environmental Review Tribunal, we are ready with donation tracking procedures  put in place by our new treasurer, Kathy Higgs. Kathy comes to us with an accounting and business background.

There is no question if this project is approved that we must file an application for an Environmental Review. It will be expensive but we owe it to this magnificent area, and to the Oak Ridge Moraine, to do all we can to stop the destruction of our countryside and to protect the health of those who will be forced to live nearby.

So while a few work behind the scenes what can the rest of us do ? Here are some of suggestions:

1. Continue to inform your friends, business associates, family and neighbours. Ask them to provide their contact information for our e-mail list. Ask them to look at our website and follow the archived posts.

2. Set  a goal to find 10 new people who will agree to file an objection when necessary . They need not be residents of COKL to do so.

3. Get ready to fundraise for the ERT by the simplest method we know. Make a list of people who you think would contribute. Approach them and say that that the Community may need help. Keep your new list handy so that you can follow up quickly if  need be .

4. Keep fighting !


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