Krank durch Windkraft?

Sometimes you cannot say it any better in English…..

Credit:  21.03.2012 ~~

[Sick from wind turbines? — Breathing problems, heart palpitations:
Bertram Tauerschmidt is currently not very well. And he believes he knows why.
Tauerschmidt lives in Wilstedt in the district of Rotenburg. There are nine wind
turbines. Since the wind farm was put into operation in 2010, it went downhill
with Tauerschmidt’s well-being. A study will now determine whether wind turbines
can be the cause of disease. The University of Halle, the German Wind Energy
Institute, and the operator of wind farms, the company WPD, have
launched the study
. It is loud in his house, says Tauerschmidt – even
with the windows closed, the noise level is very high. And he is not the only
resident who has complained of discomfort. However, noise measurements in the
area were all acceptable. Now the Wilstedters will be questioned individually.
The results of the study will be available in 2013. WPD has already
pledged to try to respond to suggestions from the study in order to reduce any
possible stress.

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