FIT Protest Planned April 3rd

Dalton McGuinty (speaking at the Legislature March 7th 2012)

“Our single strongest group of supporters and champions for feed-in tariff in Ontario, Speaker, is Ontario farmers.”


McGuinty continues his assault on Rural Ontario and blames unmitigated wind development on our farmers. The reality is that the benefactors of Dalton’s Wind Scam will be at Toronto at the FIT Forum. The multinational wind companies benefiting from excessive Liberal government subsidies and lax regulation will be at the Feed’in Trough (FIT), with their plans to transform the landscape, the community vibrancy and homes of rural Ontario into an immense wind ghetto.

Massive Protest Planned by Rural Ontario Underway

The Wind Industry Thieves are blowing into Toronto for the Ontario Feed In Tariff Forum April 3 & 4th at the Metro Convention Center, 255 Front Street West.

Protest Date – Tuesday, April 3rd

Time – gather at 11:30

Speakers – 12:00

Protest March- 12:30

Place – Simcoe Park on Front Street, beside CBC building and opposite Metro Toronto Convention Centre

The Ontario Federation of Agriculture and Christian Farmers Association have joined the call for a moratorium on further wind development. It’s time for Dalton to stop misleading the public.
Please mark your calendars, and inform your neighbours. It is time to stand up for Rural Ontario in the thousands!

Start thinking about messages & slogans for your signs and be creative. Identify which part of Ontario you are from and bring a large map of turbine placements in your area. Arrange a bus or use public transit, subways, Go trains to Union Station. Let’s bring our message to Dalton’s Liberals! See you there.

From the main lobby of Union Station (look for signs to railway and GoTrain station to get to main lobby), exit at Front Street, go west (left) on Front St. past York St. and Lower Simcoe St. Simcoe Park is about 300 meters further west right next to the CBC building on the north side of Front St.

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