MWC Update….WPD Activity June 1 at Preston/McKim/ Porter sites

We are posting the communications from Paul and the MOE regarding the engineering work that appears to be underway on Wild Turkey Road north of Ballyduff Road:

Morning……I have a written response from Doris Dumais re last weeks
activities which I will share in this too long e-mail. I also discussed
this on the phone with her this morning. It is problematic in that it
alleges that the all work was purely done re archeological investigation
and / or clearing was done by the landowners for agricultural purposes.
I have replied to Ms. Dumais sending pictures again of what is clearly a
Tulloch engineering truck and survey road workers. And there is no sign
of agricultural preparation going on.
 She says in her e-mail that MOE investigators were sent to the
scene and that her findings are as a result of their observations and
her discussions with both EFO and WPD. I also noted to her that
entrances off  municipal roadways require permits and she advised that I
take up my concerns with the Municipality. Heather Stauble has advised
that WPD was told last Thursday in no uncertain terms that permits would
be required. WPD asserts that all future work will be done on private
property until Ministerial approvals are granted.
As an aside it may be that we are looking at an early Fall
second Public Consultation meeting for WPD but there is nothing carved
in stone as there are a lot of moving parts to this equation with regard
to Municipal protocols they will have to follow and also with regard to
the looming Provincial election on October 6th. Obviously we are hoping
that the 2nd WPD meeting is delayed until post election. It will be a
new ball game then presumably.
The following is Ms. Dumais’ e-mail to me :
 Mr Reid
Further to your emails this week,  I am writing to advise you that
Ministry of the Environment staff have been out to the sites of both the
wpd and Energy Farming Ontario projects to confirm what field activities
are ongoing.  As well I have spoken to representatives of both companies
to advise them of the concerns being raised by members of the public.
Both companies have advised that there is field work underway to
complete the archeological assessments for the proposed project.  As
part of the Renewable Energy Approval process, a proponent is required
to complete at minimum a stage 2 archeological assessment which requires
a field assessment. Ministry of the Environment staff were on site on
Thursday and confirmed that the field work appears to field work related
to the archeological field assessment and not site preparation for
facility construction.
I have been advised by wpd that there has been some clearing of land in
the area of their project which is unrelated to their project.  Rather
they understand that this individual is clearing land for agricultural
Feel free to contact me should you have any other concerns or see other
development of the site.
Doris Dumais
My reply:

Ms. Dumais,

Thank you for your reply
which I have considered carefully. You will note that I have attached
photographs that certainly cast doubt on WPDs assertions regarding the
purpose of their site work notwithstanding the findings of MOE staff.

1. Road Stakes marked “road” are what they are.

2. The Bull Dozer..Tthis is not an
agricultural piece of equipment. It is for clearing brush and creating
and widening road ways and access roads. There is no sign of
agricultural activity other than rough pasture for cattle which is what
the area has always been.

3. The Tulloch truck ? This is the wording from their own website :We
are industry leaders in planning and engineering infrastructure
solutions for a sustainable energy future. We have planned and built key
infrastructure components on energy projects of many types and sizes,
including wind-electric and hydro-electric generation projects, as well
of transmission line planning projects
 Does not feel archeological to me.


4. The Surveyors ? If you  zoom in top right of photograph this is clearly road survey equipment.
There is no evidence of an archeological dig and no evidence of agricultural activity or preparation of same.

The only evidence de facto is of road preparation.

can only draw from this that WPD is having you on…………..or you
and WPD are having us on . I prefer to think the former as I like to
believe you are as much a representative of the citizens who pay for
your services as you are of the Wind Companies for whose services we
also pay in the form of subsidies.

Clearly, despite your letter ,WPD is overstepping their authority
at this point of the process and I would ask that you make it clear to
them that there IS a process that they must follow.

I have
copied several parties on this Ms. Dumais as I would respectfully
appreciate a response that does not fly in the face of facts. I have
faith that you want the facts as well.

I should also advise that we are doing an aerial survey today. If we should observe any further irregularities I will advise.


Paul Reid
Manvers Wind Concerns

Thats all for now………….

Paul R.

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